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Thanks for stopping by. About Melanie Overmoe…

Melanie Overmoe

Mortgage Broker

Melanie grew up in a small town near Humboldt, Ca. Although Melanie loves her small town and the friends and family she left behind, she knew her calling was elsewhere and she decided to move to Roseville, Ca. in 2002. With her friendly face and outgoing personality, it didn’t take long for Melanie to fit right in! She signed her son up for Roseville Pony Baseball and instantly made a family with all the other baseball parents. (That is where she met Rich Hanlin – Answer Home Loans Owner) Melanie’s son is now 23 and lives with his girlfriend in Colorado. They enjoy exploring all the beauty that Colorado. They are still getting used to the “real” winter weather, but they are loving the change! Melanie’s career journey began when she met her friend, Esme, who saw the amazing loan officer potential within her and asked her to come work with her at Neighbor’s Financial. Melanie spent countless days and nights by Esme’s side, intensely soaking up the knowledge and skills to succeed as a loan officer. Melanie quickly realized that while she was a natural at her new career, she was most proud of the fact that she was helping others achieve their dreams and goals. Melanie’s attention to detail, energetic nature, goal-oriented mindset, compassionate heart, and tenacious personality help her continuously grow and thrive in a career that she loves! Now, a mortgage and loan professional for more than 18 years, Melanie’s extensive knowledge and experience will immediately put you at ease as she and her team guide you through the loan process as quickly and smoothly as possible! When Melanie isn’t working, (which in all honesty is never-she brings her work with her) she loves traveling all over in her home on wheels, toy hauler, and “camping” with her husband and their doggies! ❤️🐈🐈

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